Finals on Wednesday and Friday

January 29, 2017 // 0 Comments

Where The Wednesday Night finals will be played at Clontarf and the Friday Night finals at North Lakes. Wednesday 1/February at Clontarf 5:00pm: u13/u14, Super 6’ers v TekkerKids 6:45pm: Mens, All Stars v The A-Team 8:00pm: Mens, Bendigo Bank Margate v Young Gunz Friday 3/February 7:00pm: u15/u16, Power – Full v Sweatfootball United 8:00pm: u15/u16, Div 5 FC v Zen FC

Finals on Monday and Tuesday

January 28, 2017 // 0 Comments

Where All Finals on Monday and Tuesday will be played at Clontarf Beach State High School. Monday 30/January at Clontarf 4:30pm: u11/u12, The Other Side v The Unknowns II 5:25pm: u11/u12, Galactic United v ABCDE FC 6:20pm: u13/u14, Balotelli-Tubbies v All-Star Rejects 7:20pm: Womens, Can’t Touch This v 3Tards 8:20pm: Womens, PCYC’s Best v Swing Both Ways Tuesday 31/January at Clontarf 4:00pm: u9/u10, The Lions v Petr Czech Yourself 4:45pm: u9/u10, Bayer Neverlusen v Goalnami 5:30pm: Youth, Balotellitubbies v Nan’s Hip Replacement 6:30pm: Youth, Multiple Scorgasms v Netflix and Skill 7:30pm: Mixed, Team Wrecken ‘Em v Harambe FC 8:30pm: Mixed, The Duffs v Barearselona  

Competition Rules

January 11, 2017 // 0 Comments

With the Finals series coming up soon after Christmas it is a good time to remind everyone of what will occur. After Christmas there will be 2 more rounds of fixtures before everyone gets together for finals. How will Finals Work? The top four teams in each league, the eligible finalists, shall compete in the Finals Series. The 1st place team will play off against 4th, with 2nd playing 3rd, during the Semi Final Week. During the Grand Final Week the winner of each Semi Final will battle it out to be crowned Champions of 2016/2017. Should there be a draw in places at the end of the regular season goal difference will be used to determine who makes Finals. Subsequent methods of determining places […]

Finalists of Peninsula Futsal

December 19, 2016 // 0 Comments

With the ending of the regular season the Premiers have been decided, along with teams making the Finals Series. Good work to the Premiers and Good Luck to all the finalists. U9/U10 Premiers: Petr Czech Yourself 2nd Place: Goalnami 3rd Place: Bayer Neverlusen 4th Place: The Lions U11/U12 Premiers: The Unknowns II 2nd Place: ABCDE FC 3rd Place: Galactic United 4th Place: The Other Side U13/14 Premiers: All-Star Rejects 2nd Place: TekkerKids 3rd Place: Super 6’ers 4th Place: Balotelli-Tubbies U15/16 Premiers: Div 5 FC 2nd Place: Power – Full 3rd Place: Sweatfootball United 4th Place: Zen FC Youth Mens Premiers: Nan’s Hip Replacement 2nd Place: Netflix and Skill 3rd Place: Multiple Scorgasms 4th Place: Balotellitubbies Open Mixed Premiers: Harambe FC 2nd Place: The Duffs 3rd Place: Barearselona 4th Place: Team Wrecken ‘Em Opens Womens […]

Community & Business Partnerships

September 3, 2015 // 0 Comments

It is the policy of Peninsula Futsal Club that any  recommendations we make are from our own experiences, and are ones that we think would add value and quality when applied. Where possible and practicable, that partner will be local and be of value to our members. I would encourage you all please, to at the very least, contact our partners, and see if they can meet your needs. By supporting each other, we all benefit.